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What we can do

We offer servises of calculations of different filtration parameters of porous media on the basis of seepage processes on the scales of pores and capillaries. Used by us our own program system "PoroScale" is based on authors' and know in science modern methods in the field of  "pore-scale modelling".

Services of calculations with using of our program system

We can calculate filtration parameters using our program system:

  • relative permeability;

  • absolute permeability;

  • displacement factor;

  • critical and residual saturations of phases;

  • capillary pressure.


​What factor we can take into account:

  • different types of rocks (carbonates, сланцевые and so on);

  • different fluids (oil, gas, water and others);

  • different types of processes (drainage, imbibition, WAG and others);

  • with opportunity of upscaling for pore-scale models of porous media to scale of oil and gas fields  and their hydrodynamic models;

  • with opportunity to estimate data which was not obtained experimentally (experiments imitation, inverse problems solutions).


​Following information is needed for our program system "PoroScale" and it is not necessary to have the whole spectrum of data for calculations using our program system:

  • well logs and well log interpretation data;

  • results of 3D computer microtomography;

  • thin sections images and their parameters;

  • results of experiments on core (relative permeability, porosimetry data and others).

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