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Sergey Rodionov

Position: Director of Research

Development, modification and application of modern methods of mathematical modelling for mechanics of multiphase systems and development of oil and gas fields, promotion of research and development parts of the project, generation of scientific and technological solutions for the developed software.

Professional achievements:

  • research activities in academic and industrial institutions for 25 years;

  • scientific management of innovative projects;

  • author of over 100 scientific papers in fields of oil and gas mechanics and mathematical modelling of oil and gas fields development;

  • the patent in the field of upscaling of hydrodynamic models of oil and gas deposits;

  • supervised three Ph.D., a member of the dissertation council of TyumSU.


Key experience relevant to the scope of the project:

  • scientific management of innovative projects (grants of Bortnik's Fund, the management of research activities in oil companies);

  • publications in peer-reviewed scientific publications, participation in conferences;

  • extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and in academic institutes.


Education (university, specialty, etc.), scientific degree, rank:

  • higher professional education, specialty - physics, Tyumen State University;

  • candidate (equivalent of PhD) of physical and mathematical sciences, "Mathematical modeling of shock wave and detonation processes in mono- and polydisperse mixtures of gas and solid particles", Tyumen State University;

  • doctor (equivalent of DSc) of physical and mathematical sciences, "Numerical modelling of multi-dimensional non-stationary non-isothermal processes in heterogeneous environments," Tyumen State University.


Work places, positions:

  • 2000-2006, SibNIINP JS, Tyumen, the head of a laboratory, the head of a department;

  • 2000-2006, RNTTS LUKOIL-Western Siberia LLC, KogalymNIPIneft LLC, Tyumen, the head of a  department;

  • Professor and member of the dissertation council of Tyumen State University;

  • 2006-present, Tyumen Branch of ITAM SB RAS, Tyumen, the head of the laboratory of oil and gas mechanics;

  • 2006-present, CONCORD LLC, Moscow, deputy director of Research;

  • 2006-present, UNI-CONCORD LLC, Tyumen, deputy director of Research.


Presentations at international scientific conferences and publications:

  • published more than 120 scientific publications in Russian and foreign journals;

  • presentations at international conferences - more than 20.

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