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Program system "PoroScale"

Our program system allows to model porous media on the level of pores and core samples. Also it gives an opportunity to study spatial distributions of different models for porous media microstructure on scales of oil and gas fields. The wide spectrum of used data allows to apply this program system for justification of filtration parameters on different stages of study for oil and gas fields. "PoroScale" can be useful for both a specialist from a laboratory and a reservoir engineer. This program system is intended to become a "link bridge" between:​

  • modern laboratories which offers different experiments for filtration characteristics of rock (for example, computer tomography of core together with multiphase flow modelling);

  • hydrodynamic modelling in conditions of great lack of mentioned experiments whcih are needed to justify filtration parameters parameters and lack of methods for their applications on scales of oil and gas fields.

Modules of the program system "PoroScale":

Suggested solutions of our program system which consists of following modules and bases on correspondent methods:

  • the module of calculation of different filtration parameters on the basis of multiphase flow modelling (relative permeability, absolute permeability and so on) in pore-scale models: based on known methods for modeling on microscale of porous media (pore network modelling, direct calculation in 3D images of porous media) which are modified for their using in engineering practice and accelerated using unique developed methods of numerical calculations;

  • the module of upscaling for pore-scale models with using of well log interpretation data: it is an unique module which is needed for effective and correct using of pore-scale models for scale of oil and gas stratums and their hydrodynamic models;

  • the module of porous media 3D images constructions on the basis of 2D binarized thin section images: it contains a new method for binarization with following constructions of 3D images and is adapted for different types of data;

  • the module of pore network models on the basis of porous media 3D images which are obtained with using of microCT of core or with help of thin section images: based on known methods and modified for engineering practice;

  • the module of adaptation for pore-scale models with using of different methods for optimization (for example, particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization and so on): modifications of modern effective methods for optimization towards their using in pore scale modelling;

  • the module of pore network models generations (regular and irregular) on the basis of defined distributions of their parameters: suggested methods have larger generality what means that they can generate wider spectrum of models because of using of distributions of pore network models parameters.

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