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Oleg Pichugin

Position: director of development

The sphere of professional activity - analysis and scientific, technical support for development of oil and gas fields. The role in the company - product promotion:  organizations of reports in oil and gas companies and thematic conferences, etc. Management of consulting projects which are used to promote the software product.

Professional achievements:

  • there were carried out 28 consulting projects to 17 fields in Russia and Kazakhstan under the leadership of Pichugin O.N.;

  • an expert on the Russian State Commission of Deposits in reservoir simulation with 7 years of experience;

  • in 2015, the company under the leadership of Pichugin ON was honored to be the organizer of the section of hard to recover reserves at NeftGazTek conference in Tyumen;

  • while working in SibNIINP (1998-2003) team led by O.N.Pichugin created a software package which is actively used in the fields simulation in LUKOIL-Western Siberia LLC and were subsequently purchased by LUKOIL.


Key experience relevant to the scope of the project:

  • large business experience in design of oil and gas fields development;

  • experience in commercialization of scientific research;

  • experience in developments and sales of software systems for oil companies.


Education (university, specialty, etc.), scientific degree, rank:

  • diploma of specialist in physics, Tyumen State University;

  • candidate (equivalent of PhD) of physical and mathematical sciences on the specialty "Mechanics of liquid and gas plasma", the theme of the thesis "Numerical analysis of processes and suppression of combustion and detonation waves in gas suspensions".


Work places, positions:

  • 1993-1998, MPRI SB RAS, Tyumen - researcher, senior researcher.;

  • 1998-2003, SibNIINP JSC, Tyumen - a head of a laboratory, a head of a department, the director of the Centre of science-intensive technologies of oil production;

  • 2002-2003, Territorial commission on development in KhMAO, Tyumen - a permanent member;

  • 2003, RNTTS Ltd., Tyumen - a deputy of CEO;

  • 2003-2006, LUKOIL, Moscow - a deputy head of the Center for geological and hydrodynamic modelling, the head of hydrodynamic modelling office;

  • 2006-2007, VNIIneft JSC, Moscow - the director of the Center for Innovative technology development, analysis and simulation of fields.;

  • 2007-present, CONCORD LLC, Moscow - CEO;

  • 2007-present, UNI-CONCORD LLC, Tyumen - CEO;

  • 2008-present, State Commission on Deposits, Moscow - an expert;

  • 2015-present, CONCORD-SOFT LLC, Tyumen - CEO.


Presentations at international scientific conferences and publications:

  • published over 30 scientific papers in the field of design and analysis of oil and gas fields development;

  • participated in many thematic forums, conferences on designing oil and gas feeds development.

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